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Exhibition of my work from 16/11/2018 until 13/12/2018.

Hola Hello! I hope you’re well and thank you for dropping by to read my latest update of which this time is about my illustration work featuring in an exhibition.

Exciting announcement time! I am in an exhibition with other artists at Basement Cafè & Bakery in Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands courtesy of Anchor Gallery that starts on 16/11/2018 and runs until 13/12/2018.

This will showcase some of my illustrations and recent development from my usual caricature work into a new direction in my career. I direction I diverted from many years back but am only just veering back to now. I am an illustrator at hear who likes to tell stories and in this exhibition I am capturing people and places at particular moments in their life’s stories.

Feel free to drop by on the Launch Night or drop into the cafe during this time for some food, drink and to look at th18e artwork on display. – Mikey

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