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Sketching in Madrid

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my little sketching trip to Madrid. Well... it was a Wedding my partner, Pilar, and I were attending of her two friends ...but I fitted in some sketching as we enjoyed a few days break.

It started off when I saw a lady in Gatwick Airport with a tint head. Her ears looked big... but maybe they were normal size.

While there and eating plenty of amazing Spanish foods we also visited a Museum and I thought it would be fun to draw some portraits that caught my eye but in my style...

Here is a video of a reveal of the first portrait...

My partner did a time lapse of me sketching the next one...

...and again the reveal!

...and another reveal (I couldn't be bothered to draw her background... I was feeling self conscious and was rushing these sketches as I was expecting someone to shout at me in Spanish because I wasn't allowed to do this)

...and finally my fave, sly eyed portrait of the day.

Below are the final pictures (I had to finish them off with paint later)

It was a busy few days and it wasn't always easy to sketch what I saw but I managed a few more sketches (some very quick because it was VERY HOT).

I also made some new friends during the visit. Not very talkative but good company none the less.

So that's it. It was a short trip and it made me realise I need a small shoulder bag for my sketchbook and watercolours for future trips and days out ...which I have now purchased and tried out while on a bike ride.

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