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Live Portrait Artist  Illustrator for Events

Live Sketch Portrait Artist Illustrator for Events

Stylish, fun hand drawn and painted sketch portraits for your guests or clients to keep.

Give them something unique as a  souvenir of your amazing event. 


Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events and Promotional/Branding events. – and a unique opportunity to watch an artist at work.


My name is Mikey and I can add something unique to your event with my hand drawn and painted, on-the-spot sketch portraits of you and your guests/clients.

I can customise the paper I use to either add a simple boarder to compliment your stylish event or add the party theme or company logo.

I am adaptable to any event and add value, class and have people talking about your event for months later.

Party Portraits

So what ideas do you now have conjuring up in your mind?


What event do you have that you think "This would be perfect for..."?


For the colour option I would need an area set up for me that is well lit with lighting so I can see who I am drawing and what I am drawing. I would be using watercolour paint so I will need somewhere for my pots of water, brushes and paints to be easily accessible.

The black and white only option would also be better if I am set up in an area to draw people, but without the watercolours I have the option to move around easier and sit by the person I am drawing if needs be.


Standing and drawing is very difficult especially with the fine nib pens I use and the fact I am 6'5" or 196cm tall and everyone else is shorter than me will make it hard on my back and neck (ask me how I know).


If you have an event you are planning that my services would fit in perfectly then please do get in touch.

We can discuss a theme, what you would like printed onto my paper, how best I can fit into your event.

CONTACT ME for some quotes and to discuss ideas.

- Mikey

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