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Book Cover Illustration

Hola Hello and thank you for checking out my post on my recent book cover illustration work. I was contacted by The Bookshelf with regards to their client looking for an illustrator for their newly self-published book: "Smile Your Last Breath Away".

I was asked to create a smilie gravestone to illustrate the theme of this book on 'dying happy'. This progressed to various designs of the gravestone and how it would smile and eventually an iconic yellow smilie face on a gravestone was decided.

Below is the final cover design, using a The Bookshelf graphic designer to add my illustration onto the simple cover as well as using it as a small insert illustration on the first chapter.

If you are looking to make life happier for yourself then this book could be worth a purchase on Amazon. If you are looking to self publish your own novel I would highly recommend talking with Ameesha of The Bookshelf and see what her professional services can do for you. ...and if you are looking for an illustrator to help you illustrate your book cover then please do drop me a message, - Mikey

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