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BIG news BIG changes

 Hola Hello!

Welcome to a NEW and exciting update! …well it’s exciting to me but feel free to react how you wish – preferable in a way that can be photographed/snapchatted/instagram and which will go viral.

So at TheArtyONE! Studios there’s been some changes. First of – TheArtyONE! is now used for my caricature work only now. Before it was used for both caricature and illustration work but some sage advice from the Association Of  Illustrators suggested I split the two. …and so with that….

New website

With the division of my two types of work has come a NEW website. Visit for my new website for illustration work. I am pushing for more illustration work from now on (as caricature work had taken over my life) and to get some more stories published as it has been many years now since the last ones. So stay tuned for updates on this.

I have a blogger/newsletter which focuses on my illustration work and if you wish to get these updates in your email then CLICK HERE to subscribe.

I look forward to entertaining you some more with my artwork.

– Mikey

For all your illustration, character design/concepts needs visit my website, Birmingham based illustrator, character designer and Comic book artist

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