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Quick Finds trade Directory Cover Illustrations

Hola hello and thank you for checking out my latest cover illustration work of which this time is covers of a trade directory.

In neighbourhoods around Birmingham and elsewhere in the West Midlands there’s a Trade Directory called “QuickFinds” which gets posted through the letterbox every few months. They have humorous cover cartoon illustrations to stand out from other trade directories and catalogues.

After the previous artist stepped down I was commissioned to do two illustrations for the next editions of the directories. Below are my finished illustrations for the front covers.

“A dripping tap? I can fix that….”

“Don’t worry, dear, I’ll cut the grass…”

I hope to update this post with some photos of the final printed directories soon.

Update 30/07/2018

I got a copy through my letterbox today:

If you’re looking for some illustrations for a trade magazine, local or regional magazine or for an article then please drop me a line.

Take care and keep smiling!


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