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Warchild comic book/graphic novel

About a year ago I did a few sample pages of a story written by Roger Cottrell called ‘Warchild‘. These pages are to be used as a way of visualising some of the story to potential publishers and/or funders which would give the project and myself the funds required to finish illustrating the entire graphic novel. I really enjoyed doing this project and hope to get a chance to finish the work at some point. However, I do remember the many hours of frustration that came from trying to draw a ‘futuristic tank’. It’s harder than you might imagine. So many angles to deflect bullets = so many angles to draw incorrectly = a look alikey of a deformed tortoise shell with a canon on top!

Since then Roger has been approaching various people and companies with regards to funding and publishing it (Image Comics and 2000AD to name a few) and has received much interest. Today he is attending a very important meeting with a large, shall we say, multi-media company.

Fingers crossed, Roger!

Warchild page 3 – Written by Roger Cottrell and illustrated by myself

Warchild page 4 – Written by Roger Cottrell and illustrated by myself

Here’s to drawing some kick-ass Sci Fi …and of course more tanks.

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