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Greetings! I come from a far, distance, futuristic, present day science fictiony place… Part 4

Well well… just when you thought you were safe reading these updates a psychotic killer comes along!!!

*cue: girly scream*

This is ‘No Rules’. An ex-militery robot who has gone while and has decided he loathes all humans and has made it his sole purpose to kill them all. …and he does this in a very clever and original way (no spoilers from me – nuh uh!)

As well as my soft spot for Sci Fi I also have a soft spot for robots. I was hoping to go all out with this robot design but as this is a low budget film I had to be sure a man could fit inside this robot. There is CGI planned for the film… but not enough to digitally create a robot unfortunately. …but hey! I kind of miss those more hand made, none digital alien/robots of yesteryear.

The final part of this 5 part Paradise Aliens character design update will be up (or in your inbox) on Friday. Feel free to enter your email at the top of this post to subscribe to these and all other news updates of my work and projects. (you can unsubscribe any time)

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