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Greetings! I come from a far, distance, futuristic, present day science fictiony place… Part 2

Greetings once again! I hope you are well in what ever you are doing and where ever you are.

Welcome to part two of the Paradise Aliens character design update. Incidently you can follow Paradise Aliens on Twitter: @ParadiseAliens

Let’s meet another character from this movie. ‘Erinyes’ is a Bounty Hunter with a wild and somewhat unstable side. She rescues ‘Hunter’, from his old life and he becomes her butler as they do jobs together. Unlike Hunter, who’s look was already pre-designed, her concept was one that was done from scratch. There is some test footage of the movie out there and a photo of the current actress in a previous costume but Chris Pinches wanted her outfit to be a throw back to the 1950s Sci Fi films – minus the big glass bubble helmet.

Here is an alternative colour scheme for her outfit:

…and below is the test footage of the current actress and the original outfit.

Stay tuned for the next update on Monday. Remember you can subscribe to updates straight to your email but submitting your email at the top of this news update. (you can unsubscribe any time)

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