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Greetings! I come from a far, distance, futuristic, present day science fictiony place… Part 1

As mentioned in a previous post I have been working for Entanglement Productions on some character designs for the pre-production movie: ‘Paradise Aliens‘. I was commissioned to create and draw 5 characters – A Bounty Hunter called ‘Erinyes’, her butler ‘Hunter’, a geeky girl mechanic called ‘Stella’, a psychotic killer robot called ‘No Rules’ and 1 one two Alien Bodyguards who protect ‘No Rules’. I have a big soft spot for Sci Fi so this commission was a joy to work on and challenging also. I couldn’t go to town on the designs too much as this is (currently) a low budget production so people in suits and outfits that could be put together as cheap as possible but still look good were required. I shall break this update into 5 parts for easy digest and to start with I shall introduce you to: Hunter

This character originates from the WIld West era which is why he is dressed the way he is as well as why he carries an old fashioned pistol. Don’t be fooled by the umbrella though – since he was picked up by Erinyes and gotten involved in a more technological environment not all is what it seems.

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