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Carnival of Cádiz Poster Illustration

Last year I entered a competition to Illustrate a poster for Carnival of Cádiz. As my girlfriend is Spanish and from this small city I decided (as well as encouraged) to enter. So the Carnival of Cádiz Poster Illustration had to be done!

I have attended the Carnival of Cádiz before and it gets crowded and busy but interesting to see the different costumes and floats of the acts who sing and perform. Even if my Spanish was better it still takes a while to get your head around the Cadiz style of humour (apparently).

I started sketching out street characters to get a touristy feel to the poster.

It was a challenge to get a distorted and warped street perspective right but it was worth it to drop in the delightful characters afterwards to give the street life.

Momus is the God of mischief, humour and of the Carnival. He is always represented as a jester and I initially thought of the jester from Rent A Ghost but evolved him into a round belly laughing looking Momus. You can spot him looking down at the crowds enjoying the fun and festivities.

Below is the poster I entered. There are two key figures featured who are famous Cádiz Carnival performers who had died recently to add a personal local touch. I understated just how busy it is but peole do visit from abroad to see it.

Carnival of Cádiz

Carnival of Cádiz Poster Illustration

Carnival of Cádiz Poster Illustration

Carnival of Cádiz Poster Illustration

Unfortunately I didn’t win but it was fun to do a full sized poster and capturing a street scene full of life. The poster size was between A2 and A1 size so to work on such a large scale was a challenge, partly to find the space to work on it but also as I usually work at A3.

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