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Gettin’ ma paint on!

Howdy folks! I’ve recently been reminded, by a French cartoonist I like, just how much fun watercolours are to use. Watercolours are a medium I’ve been meaning to get back in touch with (as currently I draw by hand and colour on a PC) and recently I finally got the push/inspiration to start. I’m hoping to start adding painted artwork to my list of services but practice only comes between commissioned jobs I get. Still… a little here, a little there… Below are some examples of sketches I’ve managed to do…

A cartoon sketch of a pensive me.

A couple at Gibraltar airport – a Hipster guy and his fashion concious lady

More Gibraltar airport quick sketches

A random google image search for a man’s face photo (just as something to practice on)

No idea…. just made this one up.

I have an Instagram and a Pinterest with my “behind the scenes” sketches and experiments should you be interested.

For all your illustration, character design/consepts and caricature needs drop me a line: Mikey Birmingham based illustrator, character designer and caricaturist

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