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A Very Fawlty Murder – A Murder Mystery

Hola Hello,

I hope you’re all well.

What have I been up to recently? Well other than some personal projects which there isn’t much to show yet and some watercolour coloured sketches I’ve been doing as practice – I’ve been busy with the other side of my work and the commissions for that but I’ve also finished one of two poster commissions that have come in.

I was asked again by Stephan of Murder On The Side to produce another poster image for one of their new Murder Mysteries. This time it was of the theme of Fawlty Towers or in the case of the Murder Mystery: “A Very Fawlty Murder”. Each character with a murder weapon and an expression or murderous intentions.

I have done a few poster illustrations for his Murder Mystery Nights over the years. Below a the illustrations I’ve done for them

There’s also an Arabian Nights themed one I’ll be working on next so stay tuned for that update.

Until then…

Hasta luego, catch you later!


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