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The Great British Bake Off

My partner enjoys baking and watching the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) and as such I end up eating cake (she bakes some AMAZING gluten free cakes!) and watching such baking shows with her. One year I wanted to set myself an Art Challenge so I decided to draw each contestant who was left each week and below are the illustrations I did.

This is an Art Challenge I set myself for fun and to practice with new mediums I am using.

While watching The Great British Bake Off each week

GBBO 2019

GBBO 2019 was cut short due to paid work coming in and after a busy few weeks or months I didn't have the momentum to pick it up again. ...which is a shame as there were some great characters in that series/season.

Who was your fave?

...this made me more determined to do all the bakers for 2020 (see below).

David from The Great British Bake Off 20

GBBO 2020

My Great British Bake Off 2020 Art Challenge was completed this time (even if it was a few weeks late).


I also did an extra piece of Jo Brand and Tom Allen as my partner and I managed to get onto "Bake Off: An Extra Slice". She made a cake which got us in the 'Home Bakers' section. We didn't make the final cut except for a very brief appearance at the end of the segment as we all applauded.

This piece was printed off and given to the presenters on the day.


GBBO 2021?

Will I do this  again for 2021? It's very tempting...


stay tuned!

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