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Greetings! I come from a far, distance, futuristic, present day science fictiony place… Part 3

Happy Monday! Oh dear… was that a groan? I best make this quick so you can grab another coffee and get on with this week.

Today’s Paradise Aliens update is the geeky mechanic – ‘Stella’.

There’s not much to say about Stella other than things happen to her later in the film which will require a whole new design but you’ll get no spoilers from me. Nuh uh! Chris Pinches wanted an “Oxfam Girl” look about her as well as a touch of the geek. She doesn’t care too much what clothes matches as she’s rather be under a hood of a car. I enjoyed this character only because I have a soft spot for redheads with freckles. Look out for the next update on Wednesday (it’s a KILLER!) and feel free to enter your email at the top of this post to subscribe to future news updates (you can unsubscribe any time)

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