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Hola Hello! I am Mikey, an internationally published freelance illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Since 2008 I have had work featured in various comic books and non-fiction books amongst various other illustration work.

My approach to my works is part hand drawn part digital medium and more recent years I have been going traditional with Pen & Ink with watercolours.
My speciality is in Cartoons, Comic books and Character design illustration but I also do live art in the form of caricatures and I am looking for opportunities for Live Illustration work with new clients.
My style of illustration is flexible. I can go from a very cartoony and caricatured style to a more realistic style making me  flexible in my approach to work.

I love to tell stories with pictures and create characters with personality and intrigue which makes them ideal for children’s books and comic books. I also enjoy capturing people in real life on my regular commutes as a way of understanding people, body language which helps me bring characters to life in my work. I am a comic book artist and cartoonist at heart but also do caricatures and dips his toe into other areas of art like political cartoons.

I live in Brighton, UK, with my partner and our two cats but am often around the UK for my live work.

Visit my contact form for enquiries or email me at:

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